OffSet Out of the Box

Music and the Mind with Dr. Srishti Nayak

December 09, 2022 OffSet Education Season 2 Episode 9
OffSet Out of the Box
Music and the Mind with Dr. Srishti Nayak
Show Notes

As music educators we see the human body react to music learning and listening in very different way than the rest of the world. And a lot of that is left to mystery. We probably know how things happen but we're never really certain of why it happens.
In today's episode we speak to neuroscientist Dr. Srishti Nayak.
Dr. Srishti Nayak is an interdisciplinary scientist of musicality and language at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, in Nashville, USA (affectionately known as music city!). She did her PhD in the Psychological and Brain Sciences at Boston University, where she focused on how children's cognitive environment (for example, how many languages they are exposed to) shapes their brain development. After grad school, she designed and taught college classes at Princeton University for a few years, and eventually landed at Vanderbilt where she works on uncovering the genetics of speech rhythm perception, and how this ties in with the biology of musicality in humans and other animals. 

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