OffSet Out of the Box

Season 2 Teaser

August 07, 2022 OffSet Education Season 2 Episode 0
OffSet Out of the Box
Season 2 Teaser
Show Notes

Hey there, welcome to OffSet’s Out of the Box. Out of the Box is a music education podcast where we not only interview some of the most interesting and innovative music educators in India and around the world. But also share resources and comment on the current music education climate in our country.

My name is Nush Lewis. I am the founder of OffSet Education. 

And I am Shanelle Rodrigues, founder and teacher at Shanelle’s Piano Studio.

Together , Nush and I embark on a journey to understand and introspect the foundation and future of Music education. And we’re so glad you’re here with us.

Credentials –
Produced and Hosted by – Nush Lewis & Shanelle Rodrigues
Edited, Mixed & Mastered by – Hersh Desai
Executive Production by – Jai Dev Gupta

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